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Goodyear introduces Powerload range of OTR tyres

Goodyear has launched its new Powerload line of tyres to support the drive for productivity, durability and cost-effective operations of compact wheel loader and small grader machines.

These compact machines are typically used in construction, materials loading, logistics support, agriculture and landscaping operations. Therefore, versatility is a key tyre characteristic. Long operating hours mean that driver comfort is an important factor, alongside traction and durability.

Goodyear says the Powerload range features the new ‘Smooth Guard Technology’, including an extra thick and smooth rubber layer of protection in the shoulder area and sidewall. The advanced technology provides the range with increased robustness supporting improved cut resistance and casing protection.

In addition, the new range also features a reinforced sidewall construction giving increased stability and easier manoeuvrability. The new range offers reduced bucket sway in loading operations and offers operators driving precision, confidence, comfort and safety, according to Goodyear.

The focus on reinforcement and protection continues with protection in the flange cover area. This feature helps to prevent penetration of foreign objects in the area between the rim and tyre, particularly important on building sites where soil, rocks, stones and other debris can create damage to conventional tyres. A new pry-bar notch design helps speed up mounting and removal of tyres, minimising downtime for operators.

Goodyear boasts that the non-directional pattern is further evidence its focus on efficiency, supporting easier tyre logistics by allowing the positions to be rotated and simplifies stocking for the fleet operator. The Goodyear Powerload delivers enhanced traction, essential on construction sites. The design gives “superb” forward and lateral traction, while the self-cleaning properties help minimise downtime and boost efficiency, the tyre maker adds.

It says the tread pattern is inspired by the well proven Goodyear TL-3A+ for larger (25” rim and above) vehicles and optimised for the 18 and 20 inch sizes in the Powerload range.

On Powerload, Goodyear says it has increased the shoulder tread depth compared to previous designs. This supports extended tyre life, mileage and can also contribute to a lower operating cost per hour. This new range is also suited for use on electric vehicles as well as hybrid and conventional diesel engines.