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Goodyear airless tyre tech on autonomous delivery robots

Goodyear has developed and is testing a custom-engineered non-pneumatic (airless) tyre (NPT) to support Starship delivery robots.

Starship Technologies, a Goodyear Ventures portfolio company, builds and operates a network of over 1,000 last mile autonomous robots that carry and deliver packages, groceries and food directly to customers.

To address Starship’s request related to tyre health and maintenance, Goodyear developed a specially engineered airless tyre designed to extend tyre life and reduce maintenance activities for Starship’s delivery fleet.

Goodyear and Starship have entered an in-field testing phase at Bowling Green State University in Ohio to evaluate vehicle and tyre dependencies. Early on-vehicle tyre testing data has shown positive results with respect to treadwear, braking and vibration dampening.

Michael Rachita, Goodyear’s senior program manager, non-pneumatic tyres said: “The micro delivery space presents a different set of needs as it relates to the tyre, and our NPT technology is ideal to meet those needs to help enable a maintenance-free and long-lasting experience.”

“Our delivery robots make thousands of deliveries every day in all types of weather conditions and terrain,” said Siim Viilup, mechanical engineering manager, Starship Technologies.

“To make sure we can keep up with the growing demand for our services, we need tyres that are reliable and keep our robots on the move around the clock and around the globe. It’s great to see these new tyres offering reliability as well as cost savings as we scale our business.”