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Five new Yokohama tyres for Europe

Yokohama has revealed it will launch five new tyres into the European market this year.

The latest addition to its global flagship Advan brand, the Advan Neova AD08RS a street sports tyre, will be marketed in Europe only from this spring. The Company plans to gradually make the tyre available in 31 sizes, ranging from 185/55R15 82V to 255/30R19 91W.

Yokohama will also launch sales in Europe of the G.T. Special Classic in a revival of Yokohama’s heritage G.T. Special brand. The new tyre is based on Yokohama’s G.T. Special Y350. It delivers a soft, comfortable ride without losing the feel of a historical car and features the same classical tread pattern and side design of its predecessor. The tyre will be available from this summer in three sizes – 165/80R15 87H, 175/80R14 88S and 165/80R14 85S.

The Geolandar X-MT, a mud-terrain tyre in its Geolandar brand of SUV and pickup truck tyres, will be available in Europe from this spring. The tyre will be available in six sizes – 35×12.50R20 LT 121Q to 7.00R16C 108/106N. The Geolandar X-MT was introduced previously in the North American market and has enjoyed a favourable response in a market where SUVs and pickup trucks are highly popular.

Yokohama will begin European sales of the Geolandar X-CV, a highway terrain tyre in its Geolandar brand for SUVs, from this spring. The tyre will be available in 23 sizes, ranging from 275/40R22 108W to 255/55R18 109W.

The Geolandar X-CV is a new highway terrain tyre developed specifically for the increasingly popular midsize and large monocoque-structure high-performance crossover SUVs that emphasize high-speed performance and drivability. While delivering the safety, comfort, durability and fuel efficiency ideal for these SUVs, the Geolandar X-CV also has the M+S designation. In addition, all tyre sizes have the “W” speed rating that indicates they are approved for speeds up to 270km/h.

Yokohama will begin selling its BluEarth-air EF21 in Europe on a limited-basis from this spring. The BluEarth-air EF21 uses advanced technologies to achieve a new lightweight design that enhances its environmentally sound features. The tyre will be available in only one size, 205/55R16 91V.