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First Stop Tyre and Car Services survey shows worrying trend

A survey has shown that 70 per cent of Irish motorists don’t have their car checked professionally in-between scheduled services or NCTs unless a fault has developed. According to First Stop Tyre and Car Services motorists are missing out on significant benefits by not getting their car checked more regularly. The survey suggests that some motorists don’t have their car checked for two years.

“Getting your car checked by a professional service outlet in-between services and mandatory tests can bring many benefits to motorists and can even save you money,” says, Niall O’Kelly, First Stop Tyre and Car Services.

Benefits to motorists include: ensuring the car is safe to drive and is roadworthy and able to respond in an optimal way in the event of an emergency; it ensures the most efficient performance of the car, meaning it uses less fuel and oil; it will allow for detection of faults before they develop into something more serious and more costly; it can reduce wear and tear on parts extending their life and also the car can perform in a more environmentally friendly manner.

First Stop say that checking and maintenance between service intervals and mandatory checks is of most benefit to motorists with high mileage but can be of benefit to all. “The most important aspect is the safety benefit, says Niall O’Kelly, First Stop: “Hidden defects which develop in a car may only become apparent in an emergency situation when a motorist tries to stop suddenly or carry out an avoidance manoeuvre”. Many professional tyre and service outlets will provide you with a safety report on your car with no obligation to purchase.

The survey was carried out for First Stop by Direction Research in October 2017 and 300 motorists were interviewed. First Stop is a nationwide network of tyre and service centres. First Stop is the European retail brand of Bridgestone. See for further information.