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Firestone launches the Performer Extra

Firestone has launched its new Performer Extra tyre, which claims 20 per cent longer life.

Based on the popular Firestone Performer 85 and 70 tyres, the Performer Extra is the result of an enhanced wear resistance compound that extends the tyre’s life by 20 per cent when compared with its predecessors.

The extended life of the tyre helps to reduce its environmental footprint, as well as cutting down on long-term operational costs and improving business efficiency.

The tyre’s dual-angel lug brings great traction, while the extra load option allows a higher loading capacity than many competitor products. The tyre has a self-cleaning tread for excellent traction and improved fuel efficiency, while the flexible casing of the tyre reduces soil compaction and improves road handling and comfort.

The Firestone Performer Extra will progressively be released to the European market in 43 different sizes, ranging from 20 to 42 inches. The tyre was developed in Bridgestone’s European R&D centre in Italy and is produced in the Bridgestone plant in Puente San Miguel, Spain.

As the Performer and Performer Extra tyre ranges maintain the same dimensions they are inter-compatible both on the same vehicle and on the same axle. Like the Firestone Performer 85 and 70, the Performer Extra can be fit to most tractors used for agriculture.