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Firestone launches new truck tyre range for on and off-road applications

Firestone, the tyre brand with a track record of innovation that spans over 100 years, continues to push the limits with a brand-new line-up of extremely robust tyres for combined on and off-road applications.

Providing great durability, long wear life and good grip over a wide range of tough terrain, the new FS833 Steer, FD833 Drive and FT833 Trailer tyres bring Firestone’s renowned no-nonsense, cost-effective approach to the ON/OFF segment. To help keep businesses moving “Beyond the Road”! 


The new Firestone ON/OFF tyres include M+S marking, which makes these tyres suitable for use on mud and fresh or melting snow, offering better grip and braking performance than standard tyres. FS833 and FD833 come also with the Alpine Marking, and are therefore suitable for use in severe winter conditions.

The new tyres feature advanced technologies such as built-in “Tie Bars” which result in increased block stiffness and minimised heel & toe wear. Therefore, tyres last longer and the tyre noise level is reduced. They are also built with a slim bead to reduce bead filler volume. As a consequence, the tyre’s weight is reduced, and low tyre weight helps lowering fuel consumption and increasing the payload. The new Firestone ON/OFF tyres boast a robust construction, making these tyres ideal for regrooving and retreading for a long tyre life.

Thanks to its durable and reinforced compound, the new On/Off steer tyre delivers long-lasting performance. The rib lug pattern design gives truck operators the steering and the grip they need, while its robust construction minimises the risk of cutting and chipping. 

The deep & wide tread blocks provide a great traction to this new drive tyre, to truly go the distance. On top, the FD833 tread pattern cleans itself as you drive for consistent performance. 
The great On/Off capabilities of FT833 allow it to tackle any surface condition with confidence. Its durable, robust casing makes it resistant to cuts and chips. FT833 tread pattern has a very good resistance to irregular wear, for a long tyre life. 

Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Truck & Bus Tyres Category Management: “We love pushing the boundaries with Firestone. Which is why the new ON/OFF range is such a natural extension of the brand’s no-nonsense approach. Tough enough to go the distance, without the superfluous frills. Just great quality tyres built to go beyond the road, at a price point that will make sure you don’t go beyond the budget!” 

The new Firestone ON/OFF range will be available in the main sizes 315/80R22.5 and 13R22.5 (FS833 & FD833) and 385/55R22.5 (FT833) from all good tyre dealerships throughout Europe as of December 2015, and will progressively replace their predecessors in the launched sizes. 

Firestone is not only renewing its On/Off range but is also extending its On Road line-up by adding new sizes, 295/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5, to the FS422-FD622 tyres launched last year at Reifen Essen. These tyres provide long-lasting & reliable performance, at reasonable price.