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Firestone at EIMA International 2012

Firestone put its best foot forward at the EIMA 2012 agricultural fair in Bologna, Italy, which concluded on Sunday.
A modern 201 m² two-floor Firestone stand was well positioned amongst several tractor manufacturers. Firestone’s display encompassed the three pillars of the brand’s business approach and contribution for the agricultural industry:

• Innovative high-quality tyres for more efficient farming
• Agripoint – a wide network of agriculture tyre service professionals
• E-tools making the farmer’s life easier
The major Firestone products and innovations on display were:

Maxi Traction IF: increased efficiency and higher crop yield

Maxi Traction tyres are built for high horsepower tractors to sustain heavy loads and increased speeds on-road.  Maxi Traction radials are now also available with the innovative IF-Increased Flex-technology.

The flexible sidewalls and special tyre-casing are developed to either operate the tyre at reduced pressure for the same load and speed (contributing to better traction and reduced soil compaction), or to carry a higher load at the same pressure and speed as a standard tyre (contributing to increased efficiency).

Firestone Maxi Traction IF does not require the purchase of new rims.

Performer 65, 70 and 85: designed for higher performance on the road and in the field

The new Performer tyres feature improved load and speed ratings, offering the end-user visible and measurable benefits such as the possibility to carry more load at higher speed (up to 70 km/h) and hence reduced working time.

The Performer tyres feature Firestone’s Dual Angle Lug technology. This proven lug design offers better self-cleaning and up to 4% more traction in the field. The special casing design also absorbs shocks better, offering the driver unprecedented driving comfort.
Thanks to the extra load capacities, the Performer tyres are the ideal match for operations dealing with heavy loads such as front-loaders, olive- and grape-harvesters.

R4000: stability and durability

Designed for medium-to-low horsepower tractors, the R4000 is typically used for vineyard and orchard service, offering excellent lateral stability and durability.

Duraforce: long tyre life in light industrial use

Firestone developed Duraforce for light industrial use on backhoe loaders and compact wheeled loaders, such as tele-handlers.
The tyre offers very good grip, excellent lateral stability and a long tyre life. in addition, the curb ribs in the upper sidewall and the choice of a special compound make the tyre very resistant to punctures and cuts.

IF 850/75R42: world’s largest agricultural radial tyre

The Firestone DT23 in IF, size 850/75 R42, is certain to catch the eye of EIMA visitors. With its overall diameter of 2.32 meter on a rim of 42”, and a weight of 510kg, it is the world’s largest-ever agricultural radial tyre. Produced in the USA, the DT23, with a load capacity of 9.5 ton at 1.6 bar and speeds up to 50 km/h it is the perfect match for the world’s new generation of heavy 500+ horsepower tractors.