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Falken Azenis FK510 OE for new Toyota Mirai

Falken’s high-performance Azenis FK510 tyre has been selected by Toyota as original equipment for its new electric Mirai.

The tyres claim superior stability and maneuverability performance when driving at higher speeds thanks to an asymmetrical tread pattern that optimises the distribution of pressure throughout the contact footprint, as well as a rounder profile design for greater sidewall flexibility.

When cornering, the asymmetrical pattern distributes contact pressure more evenly throughout the surface of the tread, assisting the driver in handling the vehicle while helping to bring out the vehicle’s full performance potential.

With these innovative technologies, Falken contributes to a more refined, comfortable ride for the new fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) Toyota Mirai.

The adoption of a larger tyre size compared with previous models further adds to the new model Mirai’s already powerful image as a dynamic and speedy vehicle.

For more information on the Falken range contact Philip White Tyres on + 44 28 37 510 666 (NI) or 048 37 510 666.