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Exceptional test results for Vredestein Sportrac 5 and Ultrac Vorti

Recent test results from renowned independent touring clubs from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland confirm the findings from the extensive tests carried out by Vredestein: The Sportrac 5 and Ultrac Vorti summer tyres are at the top of their segments and offer drivers a high-quality product with maximum safety, optimal comfort and a long life-span.

Vredestein sees these high marks for the Sportrac 5 and Ultrac Vorti as reward for its on-going commitment to excellence. The Vredestein tyres and those from all other major brands were tested on aspects such as performance on dry and wet surfaces, rolling resistance, noise production, wear, braking distance on dry and wet surfaces, and driving comfort.

It is always a considerable challenge for the Vredestein engineers to develop a tyre that excels in all these aspects, and the test results further underline their expertise.