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Europe launch for all-terrain Vredestein Pinza

Apollo Tyres is next month launching its first dedicated all-terrain tyre in Europe: the Vredestein Pinza.

The result of a five-year global research and development programme, it claims the Pinza has been designed to be the “most capable off-road Vredestein tyre ever”, while at the same time offering “superior standards” of on-road grip, traction, rolling resistance and refinement.

It further states that the Pinza offers the “best balance” of on- and off-road capabilities of any all-terrain tyre on the market.

Particularly well suited to 4x4s, pick-ups, and SUVs that venture off-road, the Pinza is available to customers in 24 dimensions from August, with more size options to follow later.

Daniele Lorenzetti, chief technology officer at Apollo Tyres Europe said: “In addition to incorporating new designs and materials, we have utilised our experience in the all-season tyre market to deliver the perfect balance of off-road ruggedness and on-road civility.

“Extensive AI-driven analysis and real-world testing across multiple geographies and climates has then helped our research and development team give the Pinza a unique balance of on- and off-road attributes.”

The Pinza was launched in the US last year. It features a three-ply triplex casing for enhanced durability, while the tread’s four-groove herringbone pattern and full-depth interlocking sipes offer “excellent” grip on all surfaces – including mud, sand, ice and snow – while minimising on-road noise.

A robust three-pitched shoulder features aggressive ‘biting’ edges to further aid loose-surface grip, and twisted ‘stone ejectors’ have been incorporated into the tread to help clear debris.

The new tyre has been designed and developed by Apollo Tyres’ in-house R&D operation in Netherlands, with extensive use of simulated and real-world analysis to achieve an optimal balance of performance characteristics.

The Vredestein Pinza has been tested in challenging all-weather conditions, both on and off-road, in North America, Finland, South Africa and the Middle East. It has also secured ‘3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake’ certification.

Apollo says that the Pinza will be offered in two types of construction: ‘P’ and ‘LT’. The more aggressive ‘LT’ tyre pattern is suited for working vehicles that are primarily used on more demanding off-road terrain.

The ‘P’ variant features a more road-biased design, making it ideal for fitment to passenger vehicles. Both versions are highly capable off-road, enabling users to feel safe and secure across on all surfaces, year-round, Apollo adds.