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Euro Tyre Sales and Triangle Tyre building on enduring partnership

Euro Tyre Sales has had a strong business relationship with Triangle Tyre dating back to 2003, when the Co. Cavan based distributor first introduced the brand to Ireland, writes John Loughran.

The relationship has gone from strength to strength over the past four years, since the opening on the manufacturer’s HQ in Italy in 2017 and continues to blossom despite difficult trading conditions brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

While 2020 was a very challenging year for the tyre trade globally because of the Pandemic, Euro Tyre Sales and Triangle Tyre continued to offer its customers high levels of service and distribution and in many respects, it was business as usual.

The two companies are now looking to continue to build on this enduring partnership, which has been bolstered by the renewal of the majority of Triangle’s Car, Van, 4×4 and SUV portfolio over recent times.

Triangle Tyre has achieved significant product developments in all segments of the market, with new product launches in the HP, SUV and 4×4 segments in recent years, while earlier this year Triangle introduced a new tyre in the van segment.

SporteX TH201
The SporteX TH201, UHP flagship pattern, is one of Triangle’s best sellers. The range has been recently expanded with more than 100 sizes able to cover PCR and SUV from 16 to 24 inches.

The SporteX is specifically designed for powerful cars, sport coupes, big saloons and modern SUVs.

It provides balanced performance in both wet and dry and offers extreme driving control combined with both acoustic and driving comfort.

The asymmetric sporty pattern design provides the necessary crisp response in extreme performance and precise high-speed handling and cornering.

Testing on track has also shown slow and regular wear, even after intensive use at high speeds.

AdvanteX TC101
Triangle Tyre has recently added the AdvanteX TC101 to its HP offering. The AdvanteX TC101 is an all-round comfort passenger car tyre that, thanks to the mix of a new tread pattern design and ultimate compound technology, is able to offer great mileage, comfort and safety.

The four deep circumferential grooves help to drain water and reduce aquaplaning, resulting in improved wet handling and braking, while the latest generation compound, based on functionalized polymers and high silica content, features a reduced tread deformation and lower rolling resistance.

The range of AdvanteX TC101 has ratio from 50 to 65, speed index from H to W and a rim diameter up to 17”.

Triangle has also made key steps in the challenging world of SUV and 4×4 tyres, two segments which has shown double digit growth over the years.

AdvanteX SUV TR259
The AdvanteX SUV TR259 represents a key development in the Triangle product portfolio.

Designed to meet the growing demand for a quality tyre in Europe‘s fastest developing vehicle segment, the pattern provides excellent adherence and driving control on dry and wet roads, better acoustic comfort and superior handling.

The tyre is available in sizes from 15” to 21”, ranging from 45 to 85 series and speed codes from H to W.

Strength, robustness and resistance are the key words of the 4×4 world, one of Triangle’s favourite play grounds where the manufacturer has launched two new products, a Mud Terrain and an All-Terrain tyre, both presented in 2019.

AgileX TR292
The AgileX TR292 is the All-Terrain tyre developed to address the fast-growing market for balanced on and off-road performance.

The AgileX , as its name suggests, delivers agility in all conditions. The tyre is designed for drivers requesting the maximum flexibility combined with extra mileage on and off-road surfaces.

The strengthened and large shoulder blocks are designed to reduce ride noise, lighten even wear and offer grip and confident off-road performance, while the high side wall ply turn-up offers resistance to damage and helps to reduce the deformation of the carcass.

Four main rib grooves design with deep sipes guarantee the efficient water dispersion and drainage resulting in good handling and wet braking performance.

The AgileX is available from 15” to 20” inches, with an aspect ratio of 55 to 75.

GripX TR281
The GripX TR281 is the Mud Terrain proposal for those who want to go wherever the road leads, from on-road to extreme off-road conditions.

The product is designed for on and off the road enthusiasts and for those drivers who value an aggressive tread design to match their vehicles and personality.

Thanks to the reinforced shoulder block design with large oblique grooves, the GripX MT offers great traction and improved driving control in sandy and muddy conditions.

The tyre delivers superior traction, due to reinforced shoulder blocks, in every off-road condition while the strong sidewall is designed to protect from damage coming from rocks or fallen branches.

A wide zig-zag groove enables the tyre to perform on its best in off-road conditions, offering enhanced drainage capability.
The GripX MT is available from 15” to 17” inches and an aspect ratio from 65 to 85.

ConneX Van TV701
Triangle‘s newest product is the ConneX Van TV701 tyre, which was introduced earlier this year.

The Light Commercial Vehicle sector has seen significant growth over the past decade, with the advent of home shopping via the Internet. In response to this growth Triangle has decided to design a new product offering greater mileage and handling performance in this segment.

The ConneX Van TV701 has been developed for modern light commercial vehicles with high load capacities and powerful engines.

Released in 2021 the ConneX Van, thanks to its high-density continuous block pattern, reduces tread deformation providing excellent mileage, and with the support of the new groove strengthening design prevents groove cracking, allowing the tyre to work at its best even under high load conditions.

Triangle also reports a new visual digital noise filtering technology based on lateral oblique grooves providing excellent acoustic comfort.
The ConneX Van range is currently available in 16 sizes from 14 to 16 inches.