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ETRMA welcomes progress on Euro 7 tyre abrasion rules

The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) has welcomed the European Parliament plenary vote on 10th November and the progress made towards delivering “meaningful tyre abrasion limits” under the Euro 7 emissions rule.

The new Euro 7 pollutant-emissions standard, which applies to cars, vans, trucks and buses, would, for the first time, extend restrictions from exhaust emissions to also cover particles from brakes and tyres.

The position adopted by the European Parliament extends the scope of tyre abrasion limits to all tyres and not just those fitted on Euro 7 vehicles – as had been proposed by the European Commission.

It also directly links Euro 7 to the work that is being done in the UNECE world forum for harmonisation of vehicle regulations (WP. 29), which will set global rules regarding a test method and limits for tyre abrasion.

The European Parliament’s position sets targets for this work which the tyre industry is committed to achieving by actively contributing to the work of the UN taskforce on tyre abrasion.

Tyre abrasion will join the list of tyre performance characteristics that are already regulated – rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling noise.

“The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association is committed to setting tyre abrasion limits that are global and based on a reliable and reproducible test method,” said Adam McCarthy, secretary general of ETRMA.

“Euro 7 will regulate tyre abrasion for the first time, setting a milestone in greening mobility.”