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Equipco installs Ireland’s first contactless Techno Vector wheel alignment system

Equipco Ireland has installed Ireland’s very first contactless wheel alignment system by Techno Vector.

This revolutionary system removes the need for clamps and rolling runout compensation and dramatically increases speed of diagnosis and adjustment, giving complete car measurements in seconds

The unique Smartlight 8 system by Techno Vector has fixed front camera columns and automatically rotating rear columns to adjust for different length of vehicles.

TechnoVector 8 SmartLight contactless wheel aligner guarantees the safety of wheel rims and provides the best operation speed by giving the measurement of all the basic parameters, right after the car enters the measurement area.

It’s as easy as selecting the vehicle, drive the car on the lift and you have your diagnosis. Simply raise the lift up then start adjusting. This process will speed up even further with the introduction of automatic number plate recognition later in the year.

Equipco has been the sole distributor for Techno Vector wheel alignment systems for six years, installing over 80 units of the very successful Techno vector TV7 3D wheel alignment system right across the island of Ireland.

The TV8 Smartlight takes all the reliability and accuracy from the TV7 3D system and brings it through to the next generation of wheel alignment.

With finance available for as little as €30 per day the return on investment is easy to see.