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ELVES 2019 Annual Report shows real progress

This week, ELVES released its 2019 Annual Report detailing its third year of successful operations supporting End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) reuse, recycling and recovery in Ireland.
ELVES mission is to improve the processing of scrap cars and small vans to help Ireland meet the 85 per cent re-use and recycling and 95 per cent re-use, recycling and recovery rates for end-of-Llife vehicles.

Following the recently released 2018 National results which showed for the first time that Ireland met the European ELV targets, the ELVES’ Annual Report for 2019, shows it is going from strength to strength in its role as the compliance scheme for the sector.

“An Annual Report is an opportunity to look back on the last year and recognise the success we have had and the progress we have made. 2019 was a great year for ELVES. Not only did our ATF Network once again meet targets, we expanded our Electric ELVES programme, widened the reach of our awareness activities and completed a number of other key projects to support target attainment” said Fiacra Quinn, CEO of ELVES.

As well as meeting the ELV reuse, recycling and recovery targets, the 2019 Annual Report shows the development of the organisation’s Electric ELVES programme that supports ATFs when they receive a hybrid or electric vehicle. In 2019 ELVES rolled out workshop-based training on the safe handling of electrified vehicles to all ATFs in the country, an initiative very well received by ATFs.

“The response of ATFs to our Electric ELVES training has been fantastic. It’s great to be able to provide this support to all ATFs in their handling of this new technology. The Electric ELVES programme makes a positive contribution to Ireland’s transition to a circular economy both through its support for reuse and recycling, but also in its support of electrification and efforts to address the climate emergency.” said Mr Quinn.

Another project that really came to fruition in 2019 was ELVES’ work with the Department of Transport on ELV Online, the online system that issues a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) to end a person’s responsibility for their End-of-Life Vehicle. Improvements, accompanied by increased promotion, has resulted in a dramatic switch from manual to online issuance of CoDs. With nearly 80% of CoDs being issued through the ELVES ATF Network, and over 93% of these now being issued electronically, the system improvements save ATFs and the Department of Transport significant time.

Another productive year for ELVES, 2019 saw ELVES build significantly on its success to date. Since receiving Ministerial approval to operate as the compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles at the start of 2017, ELVES has become a firm and essential part of the motor sector in Ireland.