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Edd Cobley and Terratoura provide complex incident training for emergency keyworkers

During Covid-19, off road expert Edd Cobley has been helping to keep key workers trained and ready to respond to complex situations – with the help of Davanti’s all-terrain Terratoura.

Edd Cobley

He has been training specialist emergency service crews in a range of off-road driving, incident response and casualty extraction techniques on a series of bespoke, ultra-extreme off-road courses which emulate some of the toughest driving challenges in the world.

And of course, for such extreme terrain there was only one tyre to choose – Davanti’s all-terrain Terratoura.

“All the crews we have been training tend to use a mix of specialist vehicles and either Land Rovers, pickups or vans,” said Edd.

“For these guys, what is important is not a brand name, it’s performance, so we’ve chosen the best all-terrain tyre on the market – Terratoura – as that’s the one which will get them wherever they need to go while also providing the stability they need when carrying a casualty.”

Edd has provided winch training for Northants Fire and Rescue with a Terratoura-clad Land Rover defender alongside a specialist Unimog off-road vehicle.

He has also given adverse weather driving instruction to East of England NHS HART (Hazardous Area Response Teams) in a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter fitted with Terratoura alongside their Polaris Ranger 6×6 casualty extraction vehicle.

“I’ve also helped out the US Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controller team with extraction techniques. Again that training took place in a Defender on Terratoura tyres.

“All these crews need to rely on their kit for access to some of the most challenging areas so for that reason, Terratoura was the natural choice.”