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Ecsta PS71 now the mainstay of Kumho’s UHP range

The asymmetrically-patterned Ecsta PS71 was one of the first major products to be developed at the Kumho’s R&D Centre at Yongin near Seoul, South Korea, and has been designed for outstanding high-speed stability and strong wet weather performance.

Now the mainstay of Kumho’s UHP range, the pattern is currently available in some 70 V, W and Y-rated sizes from 16 to 20 inches in diameter to fit the market’s best-selling executive saloons and sports cars.

In addition, the PS71’s passenger car line-up features 13 run-flat sizes.

The recently-launched Ecsta PS71 SUV has been specially developed for the many large, powerful SUVs for which ultimate on-road performance is a prerequisite.

It is currently available in 19 sizes to fit rims of 17 to 22 inches and effectively replaces the long running Crugen HP91. The PS71 SUV is notable for its precise high-speed handling and excellent braking performance.

Last but not least, is the PS71 EV which, as the name suggests, is a specially-developed low noise version of the PS71 that’s aimed directly at the burgeoning EV market, an OE version of which is already standard fit on the 2022 Irish Car of the Year, the Kia EV6.

The tyres concerned exhibit significantly less resonance noise than standard products thanks to Kumho’s patented sound absorbing technology, dubbed K-Silent. They emerged with flying colours from last September’s Euro EV Marathon, for which an EV6-shod with such tyres covered 3,174 miles through 16 countries in a record 89 hours and 12 minutes, completely without hitch.

The initial range comprises 13 sizes to fit rims of 16-20 inches in diameter, eight of which feature the innovative K-Silent technology.

Ecsta HS52
Back in 2020, Kumho outstripped 52 rival tyre manufacturers to take outright victory in Auto Bild magazine’s summer tyre test with its Ecsta HS51 high-performance pattern.

That winning product is still produced to service niche sizes and OE fitments, but has otherwise now largely been replaced by the logically named Ecsta HS52, which broke cover at Kumho dealerships nationwide in 2021, promptly receiving a ‘GOOD’ commendation from Auto Bild.

Featuring an innovative high-grip tread compound, asymmetric tread design and 3D interlocking sipes, HS52 offers superior braking on wet and dry surfaces, better wet grip, and increased mileage when compared to its predecessor.

It is now available in some 46 sizes to fit rim widths from 14 to 18 inches in diameter.

Ecsta PS91
The PS91 is currently Kumho’s premium UHP product. Squarely aimed at the ever-growing replacement market for sports orientated UHP tyres, its entire range is Y or (Y) speed rated and offered in sizes from 18 to 21 inches in diameter.

The focus is on maximum grip and braking performance in the dry, combined with outstanding feel. Nor have any of these qualities been achieved at the expense of other key factors, and the Ecsta PS91 features a specially designed sidewall that suppresses vibration to improve comfort and reduce noise.

It also has a 3D dimple design which cools the tyre at high speeds, optimising durability and wear rates.