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Dunlop tyres for new Harley-Davidson Sportster S

The Dunlop GT503 has been selected as original equipment for the new Harley-Davidson Sportster S in sizes 160/70R17 front and 180/70R16 rear.

The tyre features a new tyre construction and compound to provide great performance for riders, while the aggressive look of the tread pattern matches the dynamic appearance of the Sportster S.

Dunlop’s GT503 provides its riders with many advanced features. The radial construction features a steel jointless belt (JLB) technology, which delivers more responsive and consistent handling while also providing a compliant ride.

The tread pattern on GT503 has been developed to maximise the contact patch and provide Sportster S riders with high levels of dry grip, whereas the long tread grooves enhance riding confidence on wet surfaces.

With the newly developed compound, Dunlop claims the GT503 provides not only excellent grip but also offers high mileage potential.

The tyre also features the Harley-Davidson logo on the sidewall.

Luca Davide Andreoni, Dunlop marketing manager Europe, says: “We are proud that Harley-Davidson has chosen Dunlop for the Sportster S. It is exactly 40 years since Dunlop was asked to develop specific tyres for the original Sportster.

“Since then, Dunlop has supplied over 10 million original equipment tyres to Harley-Davidson, highlighting the close partnership. With the Dunlop GT503 Dunlop continues that relationship in developing innovative tyres to meet the demanding requirements of the manufacturer and their customers.”