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Dunlop launches its first all-season tyre

Dunlop has launched the Dunlop Sport All Season, the brand’s first all-season tyre. It is optimised across a wide temperature range and is best suited for regions with a mild winter climate.

The Dunlop Sport All Season comes with a three-peak mountain snowflake certification.

Part of the Goodyear brand portfolio, Dunlop benefitted from industry-leading knowledge for its entry into the all-season segment. Goodyear recently launched the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, a successor to the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2.

Dunlop claims the Sport All Season is a “unique concept” that employs a rib-design, as well as three important features.

Thanks to a sport-lock construction, the tyre provides exceptional handling on dry surfaces. The tyre’s strong belt and overlay package support sport performance power when cornering by providing better stability.

An aqua-eject tread delivers strong braking performance on wet surfaces; its high-capacity longitudinal grooves and radial edges deliver more extensive road contact by accelerating water evacuation from the contact patch.

Finally, the Dunlop Sport All Season features a weather-flex compound that delivers optimised performance under any temperature or weather condition. The multifunctional polymer blend activates rubber flexibility at a wide temperature range.

The Dunlop Sport All Season has a line-up of 31 SKUs to be launched starting this October, ranging from 14 to 18 inch tyres.