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Double tyre test win for Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3

Goodyear has more all-season tyre test wins than any other brand. Its new Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is continuing the tradition. This week it was awarded test wins by German magazine Auto Bild (issue 39-2020), as well as the UK’s Tyre Reviews.

Auto Bild’s editorial team named the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 winner of its current all-season tyre test, highlighting the tyre’s “convincing performance in all weather conditions. Dynamic handling on snow, in wet and dry conditions. Very good winter performance, high mileage”.

It also awarded the tyre the prestigious “EcoMaster” title in recognition of its test-leading performance in the mileage, rolling resistance and price/mileage ratio categories.

Jon Benson, owner and tester for Tyre Reviews crowned the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 test winner in the 2020 17” All Season Tyre Test, commenting that “The new Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen-3 earns a win in its first test, proving to have the most rounded ability of all the all season tyres included.”

“It’s great to see wins with the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 product so soon after its launch into the market. We are particularly thrilled to be recognised by prestigious publications such as Auto Bild and Tyre Reviews,” said Mike Rytokoski, chief marketing officer for Goodyear Europe.

Developing all-season tyres is one of the greatest challenges for tyre engineers. It requires developing a summer and winter tyre simultaneously. This means that the new product must be tested under a wide range of weather and road conditions before being launched into the market.

Goodyear uses test tracks around the world all year round for this purpose. “All in all, test drivers run a real marathon as they cover about 320,000 km at the wheel of the test vehicles. In such a development project, they circle the globe a total of eight times. In addition, some 36,000 engineering hours and 3,800 laboratory tests are required to achieve the desired performance level of the new tyre,” explains Alexandre Scharis, technical project manager for winter and all-season, consumer EMEA at Goodyear.

The result of this meticulous development process is the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3’s, an all-season tyre that combines three key technologies that provide an optimum balance of performance criteria in snowy, wet and dry conditions.

Firstly, its snow grip technology ensures improved grip on snow. Secondly, the tyre’s dry handling technology results in five per cent better dry braking compared to the previous generation of the tyre. Finally, thanks to Aqua Control Technology, the tyre maintains its predecessor’s impressive level of aquaplaning resistance, even as the tread depth decreases.

“Goodyear made significant investments to make the best even better with the latest generation of our award-winning Vector 4Seasons tire range,” Rytokoski continued, “Not only have we delivered a product with well-balanced performance, but, by leveraging our experience from endurance racing we are providing improved value for drivers who will benefit from a 14 per cent improvement in mileage and a six per cent improvement in energy efficiency versus the previous generation of the tyre.”