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Do you need someone with finance experience in your business?

If you are looking for someone with finance experience for your office, please consider a Ukrainian lady – Sevil Khalilova, who had to flee from her war-torn homeland in the last week.

She, like a lot of Ukrainians had to leave her home, her secure job and her family & friends behind in Ukraine.

It is an awful tragedy that has been inflicted on the Ukrainian people and if you have a vacant position or know someone who would like to assist this person to find work over here for a period until the war is ended, please do.

We were contacted by a customer of ours with this request and we are putting this out to you. It may be that you may not have any work to offer yourself at this time but within your wider circle of contacts in the business world, you may know somebody who could employ her either part time or full time for a period.

She is known to one of our customer’s employees, who comes from Belarus, but who strongly supports his neighbours in Ukraine.

As you can see from her CV (click here), Sevil has a lot of financial & banking experience and speaks a number of languages.