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Des Collins retires from Continental

Continental has announced changes of the management of its political office in Brussels. Desmond A. Collins (65), is retiring at the end of this week, after having spent nine years in this role.

The tasks of Continental’s Brussels office include maintaining dialog with political and regulatory EU offices, government agencies and associations in the European capital, as well as representing the interests of the DAX company with its two group sectors Automotive Technologies and Rubber Technologies.

Des Collins was the head of European communications for a Bridgestone before he joined Continental. Prior to that, he assumed various management positions in sales and marketing in Ireland and Europe for suppliers and the tyre manufacturer over a 30 year period.

Dr. Felix Gress, head of Group Communications and Public Affairs at Continental said: “We would like to thank Des Collins for his excellent support during the establishment of our Brussels office, which we opened with him in 2012, and for developing our political relations there. We wish him all the very best and good health for the future.

On behalf of everyone here at the Tyre Trade Journal and Automotive Publications, I wish Des a very happy retirement and fair sailing. From the first time I met Des about 26 years ago, he was alway courteous, helpful, supportive of our work and very professional.

We will have a look back of the career of Des in the next issue of the Tyre Trade Journal.

New man takes-over the role in Brussels
At the same time, we are pleased to have Fadie Al-Masri as our representative there to continue and expand our dialog with the EU institutions. A trusting and transparent dialog with policymakers and the administration is an important key to sustainability in technology and regulation,”

He added, “We’re focusing all our efforts on innovations from Continental for clean, safe and connected mobility, because these are essential for achieving the targets specified in the EU’s Green Deal.”

As of August 1, 2021, Fadie Al-Masri (41) will succeed Des Collins. He has been employed at Continental since 2014. After completing his degree in communications management, he started off in Continental’s Tires business area as the head of car tire sales for a region in Germany, while also supporting the establishment of a market strategy for the Middle East. In early 2020, he moved to Continental’s Brussels political office.

Fadie Al-Masri (Photo: Continental)