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Davanti Terratoura in Land Rover Monthly’s top 10 tyres for 2019

Off-roading magazine, Land Rover Monthly, has named Davanti’s Terratoura all-terrain tyre in its top 10 tyres for 2019 – edging out some of the biggest names in the off-road market. Only six of the top 10 tyres were all-terrain.

Judging tyres on a range of factors including off-road traction, tread depth, weight, load capacity and value, Terratoura was the only first year debutant recommended in the top 10 by the magazine.

They praised Terratoura as one of the few AT tyres to carry the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake accreditation and even enlisted the help of Terratoura brand ambassador and three-time Land Rover Defender Challenge champion Edd Cobley to showcase the tyre.

“To be featured in LRM’s top 10 Land Rover tyres with our first ever all-terrain tyre having only started selling them six months ago is unbelievable,” said Davanti Sales Director Sean Maddocks.

“We have always set ambitious goals and Terratoura saw us set ourselves some of our toughest challenges yet. While we always knew Terratoura was a great tyre, you never know how it is going to be received.

“For Land Rover Monthly to take Terratoura and rank it among the 10 best 4×4 tyres you can buy is an incredible endorsement and one we are hugely proud of.”

The Terratoura also made the LRM cover star for the October Tyre Buying issue.