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Davanti increases Protoura Sport fitment range

Following on from its launch last year, Davanti has expanded the Protoura Sport fitment range from 21 fitments to 50. The range is now available in sizes 17 to 22 inches, making the tyre suited to more vehicles than ever before.

Peter Cross, Davanti Tyres general manager said: “After launching the Protoura Sport last year, the market reception has been phenomenal. The new pattern has opened up new overseas markets for Davanti and really has been a catalyst to raise the whole perception of the brand.

“It was an easy decision for us to quickly ramp-up the number of dimensions available, so throughout the last year we have been busy working on the design and production of new moulds.”

The Protoura Sport is Davanti’s most advanced UHP tyre yet, which it claims boasts a cutting-edge tread design and provides a premium option for motorists seeking an ultra-high performance tyre that will ensure an exceptional driving experience.

Protoura Sport ambassador Sir Chris Hoy of the tyre: “The Protoura Sport enhances everything I love about driving – the feeling of a connection to the car and the road, the sensation of speed and control.

“What Davanti has done with Protoura Sport is explore every avenue of performance to enhance handling, grip, braking and longevity. The result is a tyre that is equally at home on the track as it is on the road. A true drivers’ tyre.”