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Davanti has the SUV market covered

Since launching on the market in 2015, Davanti has become a serious disruptor in the tyre industry thanks to its quality and performance.

The brand’s rise has coincided with a rapid increase in SUV sales – making the sector a natural target – and this year with the ‘Terratoura’, it has moved into the mature off-road market.

So how does Davanti satisfy drivers of both stylish SUVs and no-nonsense 4x4s?

Take a look at the Davanti range and you’ll see that the largest number of fitments come in its Ultra High Performance DX640 pattern. This great-looking pattern is not just a nimble sporty tyre however. It is also designed to deliver exceptional performance for the popular family SUV sector, where big beasts often ride on low profile tyres.

Low noise levels, impressive braking and handling that has been tested beyond all reasonable limits at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve racetrack in Portugal – where the DX640 is the tyre of choice for the racing school – make it safe, reliable, comfortable and eyecatching.

Not all SUVs are super-sporty though. If you’re looking for something a little chunkier, the DX740 is your tyre. Designed with the more station wagon-style SUVs in mind, the 740 offers the same low noise and handling of the 640, but with a little extra cushion.

Finally, for those who take the road less travelled, the Terratoura has been making headlines for some time. The all-terrain market is awash with tyres so introducing an entirely new product is tough.

But the Terratoura has made waves already, receiving high praise from seasoned 4×4 journalists and tyre testers alike after being pitted against premium rivals.

According to Davanti General Manager Peter Cross the brand is now the choice for the savvy 4×4 or SUV driver. He said: “Whatever your need, we have a Davanti tyre for you,” he said. “We are expanding the range all the time, but in terms of fitments we have 146 sizes in DX640, DX740 and Terratoura.

“Smart drivers know that what is important is the product and the performance data and lookoing at our larger car ranges, that data proves Davanti is the tyre for you. Our tyres give consumers premium performance at the best value possible.

“Our range is developed and tested to premium standards but our cutting-edge, modern methods mean you can enjoy all the performance you want at a price point that will raise a smile.”