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Creating a level playing field on imports

The tyre compliance scheme Circol ELT, in collaboration with NCT operator Applus, has established a mechanism to collect the Environmental Management Cost (EMC), for tyres on imported vehicles.

The EMC is collected when vehicles are being registered for VRT. This ensures that private vehicle imports will pay the EMC to cover the recycling of those tyres, when they come off the vehicle as waste.

Bill Collins, Circol ELT chief executive said: “Businesses importing vehicles have been registered to pay the EMC on point of import and now all vehicles coming into the country, including private imports will pay in the same way.

“It’s important to have a level playing pitch for the motor sector and thanks to our agreement with Applus, we now have a way to ensure that all tyres coming onto the national fleet are accounted for and can be managed well when they become waste.”

If you have any queries about your waste tyre obligations or collections you can speak to a member of the team at Circol ELT on 01 4618 600 or email