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Corghi unveils Remo Aligner

Corghi, represented in Ireland by Apaseal unveiled a new revolutionary clampless alignment system at Automechanika, in Frnakfurt, Germany recent.

The Corghi Remo aligner equires no clamps to be put on the vehicle. The readings on every vehicle are taken by two Robots operating remotely on each side of the vehicle.

The operator can activate the system from his office and can have a complete read out of car settings within 80 seconds. This revolutionizes the process as every car entering the workshop can have the alignment checked with the minimum of human intervention. This also greatly eleminates the possibility of human error.

The robots that run on rails can take 85 readings of each wheel to include tyre and rim and the system uses GPS to calculate precisely the wheel positions and enables it to cope with every type of wheel made.

A  YouTube video on the operation of the system can be viewed on CORGHI Website: