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Cooper Discoverer SRXLE tyres OE on new Mercedes GLS

Mercedes-Benz AG has selected the Cooper Discoverer SRXLE all-season tyre as original equipment (OE) on the new Mercedes GLS. Discoverer SRXLE fitments include the 275/50 R20 and 275/55 R19.
Cooper Tire says the Cooper Discoverer SRXLE features advanced performance construction to deliver maximum steering response, stability in handling maneuvers, and a smooth, comfortable ride. With new tread technology, the SRXLE delivers superior traction in all weather conditions and helps improve fuel efficiency, Cooper adds.

The tire’s profile shape includes a footprint that interacts with the road to enhance vehicle control, and for added stability and vehicle handling, the SRXLE has Micro-Gauge Siping as well as Aqua Vac Channels, which are wide grooves in the tread that improve resistance to hydroplaning and provide more control and grip in heavy rain, Cooper says.

Additionally, the 275/55R19 Cooper Discoverer SRXLE meets global requirements to carry the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) mark, which signifies a high level of performance in winter driving conditions.