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ContiSportContact 5 tops AutoZeitung tyre test

In the latest Auto Zeitung test (issue 6/14), 12 different summer tyres were put through their paces in 13 different disciplines. ContiSportContact5The ContiSportContact 5 came out in first place with a score of 137 points from a possible total of 150. The magazine’s conclusion: “Equally adept on dry and wet road surfaces, our test winner – the Continental SportContact 5 – combines great speed with total safety at all times.”

The tyres entered in the test came from European, American, and Asian manufacturers. After the initial tests on a wet road, the tire from the Development Department in Hanover led the way in terms of driving safety with a score of 44 points.

During the subsequent tests on dry roads, the ContiSportContact 5 again delivered a top performance. The editorial team particularly praised the shortest braking distances, high safety margins, speed, and low rolling resistance.”