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Continental launches new SportContact 7

Continental has launched its new SportContact 7 high-performance tyre, with a total of 42 articles initially available in sizes 19 to 23 inches.

The new SportContact 7 offers drivers a high performance, very safe, handling-oriented, high-mileage tyre, according to Continental.

On the racetrack, mileage is up 10 per cent over the previous model and wet braking distances are reduced by eight per cent, the tyre maker said. The new SportContact 7 is also six per cent better for dry braking, and service life is 17 per cent longer than its predecessor.

Handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions will also benefit from the latest advancements. The BlackChili rubber compound has been precisely adapted to the tread design for maximum grip.

During development, Continental said it focused on improving all performance criteria to combine “maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety” and sustainability in the field of UUHP tyres.