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Continental introduces AllSeasonContact 2

With the AllSeasonContact 2, Continental claims to be launching its “best all-season tyre to date”, offering the best possible driving control in any weather situation.

During development, Continental said it focused on high efficiency, safety and driving pleasure.

Continental claims it has increased mileage by 15 per cent compared to the previous model while reducing rolling resistance by six per cent – without compromising on safety.

The AllSeasonContact 2 provides even better handling on dry roads and has an even shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads, according to the tyre maker.

In terms of ride comfort, safe snow characteristics and aquaplaning, the AllSeasonContact 2 is on a par with its predecessor, Continental states.

These advances have been achieved thanks to a number of innovations targeting the construction of the tyre’s casing, its tread pattern and the tread compound.

The use of new materials in the tyre’s construction reduces energy losses, which results in a lower rolling resistance compared to its predecessor.

When designing the tread for the new AllSeasonContact 2 tyre, Continental opted for a V-shaped pattern with C-shaped tread blocks. The V-shape design offers clear benefits when driving in the wet, as it creates lots of water channels leading toward the sidewalls of the tyre that facilitate drainage of the contact patch.

The many C-shaped blocks in the middle of the tyre’s V-tread pattern support one another, ensuring precise handling throughout the tyre’s service life.

The chemical specialists at Continental came up with a combination of the various ‘Chili’ technologies for the tread compound. New plasticisers with a high damping effect ensure secure grip and precise steering response in cold, wintry road conditions.

A new polymer composition offers good adhesion together with short braking distances on both dry and wet roads, even in hot summer weather. And there is also a newly developed, flexible elastomer network that adapts to the road surface, thereby lowering wear and increasing mileage.

The new AllSeasonContact 2 builds on the extremely safe handling properties of its predecessor. At the same time, performance on dry and wet roads has been enhanced and mileage extended.

During development, Continental said it had the needs of vehicles of all drive types in mind.

The AllSeasonContact 2 will be available later this year, and will gradually start production of 99 articles between 15 and 21 inches.