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Check your tyre pressure regularly

According to tyre manufacturer Continental, it is still essential to check your tyre pressure regularly.

Even today, many cars are not fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems – they are simply too old. These systems did not become mandatory in cars until 2014.

Even tyre inflation gas is no protection against slow punctures due to foreign bodies such as nails piercing the tyre.

​​​​​​​Anyone who fails to carry out the recommended checks when refueling, or otherwise every two weeks, is living dangerously and driving more expensively. An undetected loss of tyre pressure can cause tyre failure – a particularly dangerous situation when driving even at moderate speeds. Even the gradual, normal loss of air pressure through the rim and valve leads to a rise in tyre wear and rolling resistance.

This in turn drives up fuel consumption. At the same time, braking distances increase, steering precision decreases and there is less chance of safely avoiding obstacles at higher speeds. The tyre’s service life also decreases – tyres running at 0.4 bar below the correct pressure will return around one third less mileage.

The correct tyre pressures can be found on a sticker on the pillar of the driver’s door, on the inside of the fuel filler cap or in the glove compartment. And don’t forget that different values apply depending on how the car is loaded, so adjust your tyre pressures accordingly before driving a fully laden car.