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Category: Product News

500th Xlite forged aluminium wheel from MWheels

RTN Clayton Vallely, manufacturer of specialist tankers for the environmental, food and chemical industries, has taken delivery of its 500th Xlite forged aluminium wheel from exclusive European distributor, MWheels. The Barnsley-based company, whose clients include Yorkshire Water, McVitie’s and Redway European, has specified the market leading forged aluminium wheels on orders since March 2014, primarily

New Dunlop SportSmart2 Max

Dunlop has launched it latest tyre for the hypersport sector. Designed for ultimate street performance but with track capability, the latest Dunlop SportSmart2 Max combines learnings taken from Dunlop’s World championship winning endurance racing programme with the experience gained in developing the revolutionary RoadSmart III Sport Touring tyre. Dunlop Europe’s development team aimed for high

Falken combines astrophysics and origami in its new winter tyres

Falken Tyre’s latest offering in passenger car winter tyres has been inspired by the unusual combination of astrophysics and origami techniques. Designers working on Falken’s new EUROWINTER HS01 tyre were intrigued by the folding pattern that astrophysicist and part-time origami enthusiast Koryo Miura created for stowing large solar panels into compact payload bays for satellite

Goodyear develops Ultra Grip Performance winter tyre fitted for SUVs

Goodyear has put the best of its winter expertise in the development of an Ultra Grip Performance tyre fitted for SUVs. The tyre technologies have been further improved to meet the specific requirements of extreme winter countries and of SUVs – the tread compound, for instance, creates special stickiness adapted to very cold temperatures. Better

Quality Firenza super singles from kevin Burke Tyres

As the exclusive distributor for Firenza truck tyres in Ireland, Galway based Kevin Burke Tyres offers a comprehensive selection of quality mid-range TBR patterns including the very latest in Super Singles. On offer are three very distinctive and contrasting Firenza truck tyre ranges including the SSR055A and SST066 patterns, which both incorporate a solid shoulder

Hankook Ventus S1 evo² SUV

The Hankook Ventus S1 evo2, the UHP flagship of the premium tyre manufacturer is available for drivers of high-performance, dynamic sports utility (SUV) and sports activity vehicles (SAV). Especially designed to meet the requirements of this popular vehicle category, the tyres combine sport-dynamic driving performance with suspension comfort, low rolling noise and limited rolling resistance.

Goodyear launches new SUV tyre

Continuously improving its top-notch winter tyre technologies, Goodyear launches a new tyre aimed at SUVs: the UltraGrip Performance SUV Gen-1. The newest member of the UltraGrip winter tyre family is available from May 2016. SUV drivers often feel safer in their bigger vehicle, particularly when equipped with four-wheel drive, hence tending to think they do

Nankang exhibits new generation Sportnex series AS-2+ tyre

Nankang exhibited its new generation Sportnex series AS-2+ tyre at Reifen Launched last September, replacing the former generation AS-2, the AS-2+ is available for 29 sizes. In the testing conducted by TÜV SÜD, the AS-2+ was compared with three competitors from European, Japanese and Korean major tyre manufacturers. The wet breaking performance of the AS-2+

Rodcraft high capacity wheel dollies for trucks and heavy equipment

Rodcraft extends its workshop equipment range with the launch of two new wheel dollies for bus, truck and heavy vehicle service. The new RHW703 and RHW120 dollies will bring more comfort and flexibility to users in all wheel service applications, such as disassembly and assembly of wheels, and break drum maintenance. The Rodcraft RHW703 twin