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Brityrex gets underway with new product launches

The opening day of Brityrex International 2014 at EventCity in Manchester played host to a number of new product launches and powerful presentations from leading speakers in the show’s TyreTalk seminar programme.

A new product range making its debut at the show is the Aturo collection of 4×4 and SUV tyres, distributed by Silverline. Innovative products included in the range include a run-flat tyre for SUVs, the Trailblaze MT Terrain tyre and the XT 4×4 fitment.

Chris Dawson, head of sales and marketing at Silverline, says: “This is our first appearance at a Brityrex show, which we hope will provide us with introductions to the small independent tyre dealers that make up our customer base.”

NTDA Director Stefan Hay opened the exhibition’s TyreTalk seminar programme with an update of the association’s campaign to highlight the safety and value-for-money issues surrounding the sale of illegal part-worn tyres. The association estimates that between 4.5 and 6 million part-worns are sold in the UK each year, many by unregulated dealers associated with other businesses, such as hand car washes and second-hand car sales.

Alarmingly, inspection of 600 part-worns by Trading Standards Officers in association with the NTDA, found that each one failed, most because they were unmarked, but many for safety-related reasons such as illegal repairs, sidewall damage and insufficient tread depth.

A successful Tyreback campaign supported by NTDA members, has resulted in more than 11 million tyres being recycled, thus removing them from the potential part-worn market. While this success is a positive, resulting in recovery and reuse of component materials, it has also encouraged importation of tyres from countries including Germany and Poland, to meet the market demand.