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Bridgestone VX-Tractor the tyre of choice for Essex firm

An Essex agricultural rim manufacturer claims to be reinventing the wheel with a new brand, featuring Bridgestone VX-Tractor tyres as a durable original equipment accessory.

Brocks Wheel & Tyre (BWT) has launched 3S with the aim of increasing safety on farms. All 3S wheels are compatible with 3S location and pressure sensors, while safety has been enhanced with wheel nut indicators and pressure valve guards being provided as standard.

An additional hole on the outside rim for safer strap and shackle assembly has also been incorporated as a safety feature for handing and fitting of the wheel assembly.

Meanwhile, BWT says all 3S wheels feature formed pressed centres that meet or exceed original equipment specifications, adhering to the strictest quality standards.

Bridgestone’s VX-Tractor tyre has been selected as BWT’s preferred tyre, having proved itself to be an outstanding performing tyre, especially under intensive road-use and in very demanding field conditions, offering the best of both worlds in one product.

Designed with a more robust carcass and more lug rubber volume, it offers the farmer remarkable reliability, fantastic longevity, and real tractive field performance.

To prove this point, Eugene Brock, the company’s business development director, made the 590 mile journey from the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, all the way back home to Essex in his John Deere 6330, calling in on 22 tractor dealerships on route to showcase 3S along the way. Data captured showed that tread wear was less than 1mm over the whole journey.

Bridgestone’s agricultural sales manager Stephen Lamb said: “While it wasn’t working in the field, it was high intensity roadwork, moving some 6,000kgs of metal – steering, accelerating and braking over 590 miles of the UK’s A and B road network.

“Based upon this miles per millimetre wear-rate, you could drive around the whole of the world’s circumference, 24,901 miles, and still come back with 15mm of tread remaining at the end of your journey! This is the longevity that makes the VX-Tracotr such a special tyre.”

He added: “To be chosen by Brocks Wheel & Tyre for fitment on their new 3S wheels is a huge honour for everyone at Bridgestone. Like the VX-Tractor, their wheels have been engineered to meet the unique demands of today’s tractors and agricultural equipment and it is a partnership that we couldn’t be prouder of.”