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Bridgestone tyres selected for Cupra Born

Bridgestone has been selected as tyre partner for the Cupra Born, the first all-electric vehicle from the brand.

The new model’s bespoke ultra-low rolling resistance tyres from Bridgestone feature its lightweight Enliten Technology – helping the vehicle to reach a range of up to 548km between charges.

Sustainable and lightweight, Enliten Technology reduces tyre rolling resistance by up to 30 per cent and weight by up to 20 per cent to extend EV driving range and reduce environmental impact thanks to improved resource productivity, according to Bridgestone.

Bridgestone says the custom-engineered tyres also offer excellent wet weather performance and on-road stability, which is paramount when considering the heavy load on a rear traction vehicle.

The tyres have also been fitted with B-Seal solution – an automatic sealant technology developed to maintain air retention in the event of nails, stones or other objects piercing the tyre.

Bridgestone says it utilised its Virtual Tyre Development technology during the development phase, reducing the number of prototype tyres required. Virtual Tyre Development cuts raw material consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 60 per cent, while speeding up to market time by 50 per cent – making tyre development more sustainable, efficient, accurate and flexible, the tyre maker claims.

Custom-engineered Bridgestone Turanza ECO tyres for the summer months, Bridgestone Blizzak tyres for challenging winter conditions and stability in the snow, and Bridgestone Weather Control all-season tyres, have all been developed for the Cupra Born.