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Bridgestone testing ‘AirFree’ concept tyres on public roads

Bridgestone Corporation is this month bringing its ‘AirFree’ concept tyres to public roads for real-world testing near Bridgestone Innovation Park in the suburbs of Kodaira City, Tokyo in Japan.

The company says it aims to “turn the name from a concept into reality by introducing AirFree tyres, paving the way for future widespread societal implementation”.

Bridgestone’s airless concept tyre features a unique structure of spokes stretching along the inner sides of the tyres that support the weight of a vehicle.

As the name suggest, there is no need to periodically refill the tyres with air, meaning that the tyres require less maintenance. At the same time the worry of punctures is eliminated, according to Bridgestone.

In addition, the spoke structure is made from thermoplastic resin and, along with the rubber in the tread portion, the materials used in the tyres are recyclable, contributing to the efficient use of resources.

By pursuing extremely low rolling resistance and contributing to reductions in CO2 emissions through use of proprietary technologies, Bridgestone believes it is possible to achieve even higher levels of environmental friendliness and safety.