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Bridgestone supplying lunar tyres to NASA

Bridgestone has announced that it is supplying lunar tyres for NASA’s lunar terrain vehicle (LTV), a crewed vehicle that is set to navigate unexplored areas of the moon.

The LTV is currently being designed and built for NASA by Teledyne Brown Engineering, who has assembled a development team of industry champions such as Nissan North America, Sierra Space, and Textron, with Bridgestone now joining the fold.

In 2019, Bridgestone embarked on a new challenge to research tyres for crewed lunar vehicles. To ensure tyre function and safety under difficult operating conditions – such as rocky and sandy desert with exposure to extreme temperatures and cosmic ray radiation – the company is developing and validating metal airless tyre concepts.

Bridgestone says it is leveraging its “mastering road contact” technology that is a core-competency acquired from various experiences on the roads around the world.

“This project is a bold new challenge for humanity, and we are honoured to be joining the Teledyne Team,” said Makoto Ishiyama, executive director, next generation technology development at Bridgestone.

“Through co-creation with new partners, the Bridgestone Group is dedicated to realising the dream of humankind with mobility innovation,” he added.