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Bridgestone launches Blizzak LM-32C winter tyre

Bridgestone has extended its winter tyre offer with the launch of the Blizzak LM-32C for car-derived vans and small vans of up to 3 tons. Compared with its predecessor LM-18C, the new lamellen Blizzak LM-32C provides significantly stronger snow traction, better wet braking and more than 10% higher mileage.

“The LM-32C is responding to the current size demand and at the same time it will fit the new vehicle sizes” says José Enrique Gonzalez, Director, Marketing and Sales Support, Bridgestone Europe.

Bridgestone achieved improvements in terms of mileage and durability through the development of a new top compound, unidirectional tread pattern and new lighter construction materials.

The new top tread compound with high silica content improves both wet grip and rolling resistance, while extending wear life. Bridgestone in-house mileage tests* show that Blizzak LM-32C provides more than 10% higher mileage than its LM-18C predecessor, with 21% improved wear on the drive axle. The construction of the LM-32C features a new lightweight high-strength belt package and optimized carcass shape that ensures high durability for van usage.

The unidirectional tread pattern is based on the Blizzak LM-32 passenger-car tyre and designed for top performance on snow and wet without compromising dry handling. A combination of Bridgestone’s advanced siping technologies is applied across the different tread blocks, and at different angles, to maximize the total number of edge components for better grip on compact snow.

High-volume transversal grooves generate high snow shear forces, giving strong grip on fresh, soft snow. These combine with deep longitudinal grooves to ensure rapid water and slush evacuation for resistance to aquaplaning. Tie bars and Bridgestone’s 3D siping technology on the shoulder areas help increase block stiffness for confident, stable handling even with heavy loads.

Testing on Bridgestone’s European winter proving ground in Sweden (size 175/65R14C on a Citroen Berlingo) showed significant improvements in snow traction and braking, and wet braking.

Blizzak LM-32C, which carries winter specialist M+S markings and “snowflake” symbol, is available from 2012 in 9 sizes, 14-16 inch, series 60-70, with speed symbol R and T.