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Bridgestone focuses on transport fleets

In today’s tough economic climate, transport fleets face constant pressure to reduce operating costs. Bridgestone says truck fleet operators should concentrate not on price, but on the cost per kilometre over the total tyre life, as a means of reducing overall costs.
Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Life strategy provides truck fleet operators with a lower cost of ownership.

Bridgestone says its tyres offer superior performance and safety, with premium casings that ensure both a long first life and optimum conditions for successful retreading.

Bridgestone’s retread arm, Bandag has a European network of franchisees, using the world’s most trusted pre-cured retreading process, that gives tyres a second life, and often a third…

The advantage for fleets is that Bandag retreading offers nearly-new tyre performance but at greatly reduced cost, providing on average a 30% lower cost per kilometre than new truck tyres.

The production of retread tyres also has environmental benefits, using fewer resources and producing around 30% less carbon emissions than new-tyre production.

Professional fleet management

The next element in the Total Tyre Life programme is the Truck Point retail channel and service provider – Europe’s largest network of independent truck tyre dealers, with more than 2,400 outlets in 29 countries.

Truck Point is a Europe-wide, round-the-clock service channel, providing customised professional fleet management tyre services.