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Bridgestone brings Enliten to motorsport

Bridgestone will begin supplying teams at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) with tyres developed using 63 per cent recycled and renewable materials.

The tyres, which are custom-designed to meet the unique challenges of the 3,000 kilometres across Australia, mark the first use of the company’s Enliten technology in motorsport competition.

The Enliten-equipped tyres supplied to the BWSC were designed to help teams meet the extreme demands during the 3,000km event, including low rolling resistance, wear and weight.

Bridgestone says it will customise tyres based on the needs from the teams to demonstrate the new Enliten technology and the “exceptional capabilities” of the tyres. Bridgestone adds that it will further develop and deliver Enliten technology-equipped tyres customised for customers through motorsport and conventional tyres.

“Bridgestone is passionate about contributing to a more sustainable motorsports future at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge through our Enliten tyres made with 63 per cent recycled and renewable materials, as well as our collaborative supply chain initiatives. We will demonstrate the new technology through the extreme conditions,” said Naotaka Horio, director of Bridgestone Motorsports.

“Additionally, as title sponsor, we are looking forward to helping young and diverse engineering minds from all over the world create breakthrough technologies in the BWSC that can play a role in a more sustainable mobility society of the future,” he added.