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Bridgestone back at Geneva International Motor Show

Bridgestone is exhibiting at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland, March 8-18 with an impressive display of innovative mobility solutions, including their latest products for passenger cars.

Bridgestone is presenting its latest premium summer touring tyre: the Turanza T005, now available on the European market. Developed and produced in Europe, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 delivers outstanding wet performance and fuel economy, combined with high mileage, to give drivers full control in challenging daily driving situations, even on rainy days.

The Turanza T005 has been designed with consumers, for consumers. Bridgestone interviewed thousands of drivers across Europe to learn what they look for in a touring tyre, as well as the daily challenges they face while behind the wheel. By analysing and understanding their needs and expectations, Bridgestone successfully developed a tyre that puts drivers in full control, especially in the wet.

Also there to catching visitors’ eye at the Bridgestone stand is the ‘thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser’, an innovative solar car made by the students of Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Germany), runner-up in the Cruiser Class of the 2017 edition of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge that took place last October.

The solar car is fitted with Ecopia tyres featuring Bridgestone’s revolutionary ologic technology, designed to deliver outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising grip safety. The larger diameter of the tyre reduces rolling resistance, while the narrower tread width cuts down air resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions.

In the World Solar Challenge, teams race 3,000km across Australia in self-made vehicles powered only by solar energy. In 2017, Bridgestone offered technical advice and provided Ecopia tyres to 4 teams from Europe, and another 17 teams across the world.

A must-see at the booth is Bridgestone’s latest Air Free Concept (AFC) tyre for bicycles. This revolutionary non-pneumatic design combines load-bearing spokes made of thermoplastic resin with a rubber tread, eliminating the need for tyre pressure maintenance and eliminating the risk of puncture. The whole package is recyclable, leading to a more sustainable use of resources.

Also on display are the flagship products of Bridgestone’s premium tyre range:

DriveGuard offers drivers the safety and convenience of extended mobility, allowing them to keep control and continue driving at a maximum speed of 80 km/h for up to 80 km after suffering a puncture.2 This revolutionary tyre can be fitted on almost any car equipped with a TPMS system.

Dueler A/T 001 is the tough all-terrain, all-season tyre for 4x4s. Engineered for traction off-road, but still with safe handling and control back on the tarmac.

Potenza S007 is engineered to deliver the ultimate grip and steering response for premium high-powered sports cars, with total stability and control even at speeds above 300 km/h.

Blizzak LM001 EVO is Bridgestone’s latest winter technology for outstanding control in all winter conditions.

Ecopia EP500 with ologic technology, originally equipped on BMW i3, delivers outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising grip safety. The larger diameter of the tyre reduces rolling resistance, while the narrower tread width cuts down air resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions.

Also on display on the Bridgestone stand is the all-new luxury Lexus LC500h hybrid coupé, equipped with 20-inch Turanza T005 tyres with Run-Flat Technology to add an extra dimension of safety and convenience.

Highly-competitive Firestone line-up

In less than four years, Firestone released six highly-competitive new tyres. Thanks to continuous investment, Firestone is honouring its legacy with a modern, complete and reliable tyre line-up offering strong performance and great value for money. The range aims to accommodate all types of European drivers and cars.

Three of these flagship products are on display at Geneva:

Roadhawk offers best-in-class wet grip, with the top “A” grade EU label, and is engineered to provide long-lasting performance throughout its life.3 It also provides best-in-class dry braking performance.4

Multiseason is designed to perform in all seasons and conditions, so the weather will never catch drivers by surprise! It provides the added convenience and cost savings of a single set of tyres for the whole year round.

Winterhawk gives drivers the balance, responsiveness and predictable handling they need to stay in control on winter roads.

At the Firestone booth, visitors also have the opportunity to discover the Firestone Live. Firestone is once again hitting the road to bring music fans and artists together, with stops at several popular European festivals, and to support emerging talent with year-round local initiatives, including a series of talent competitions.