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Bridgestone and Firestone putting farmers in the driving seat

Bridgestone is continuing its reputation of being a leader in the way of quality, technologically innovative goods and services.

The company’s VT-Tractor premium agricultural tyre is a fitting testament to this, targeting large operations using today’s advanced, sophisticated and often heavy equipment.

The VT Tractor enables farmers and contractors to meet the conflicting demands of greater productivity, efficiency and soil protection.

The range is capable of operating at lower inflation pressures and with a larger tyre footprint. As such, they reduce ground contact pressure and associated soil compaction.

Preliminary tests conducted recently by the independent organisation DLG confirm the superiority of the VT-Tractor over other market-leading brands in a number of areas including traction and fuel consumption.

The VT-Tractor’s superior traction allows farmers to work faster in the field and cover up to 0.9 hectares more than its competitors over a 10 hour period. Coupled with the tyre’s excellent fuel economy, generating savings of up to 36 litres per 50 hectares vs. benchmark competitors, the VT-Tractor guarantees a lower total cost of ownership.

The most important feature of the VT-Tractor tyre is arguably its very low and very evenly distributed contact pressure. Internal testing also revealed that the VT-Tractor provides up to 26 per cent larger lug contact area than the same competitor tyres tested, resulting in very low soil compaction and thus greater crop protection.

While Bridgestone has set its sights on the new and growing high-end agricultural tyre segment and will mainly be made available in sizes covering the largest and most powerful agricultural equipment, Firestone will continue to meet the needs of more than 90 per cent of the tractor market in Europe with a new generation of high-quality agricultural tyres.

This new generation of Firestone agricultural tyres includes the robust Maxi Traction Combine for combine harvesters and the advanced Performer Row Crop for sprayer applications, a narrow tyre that allows precise steering between crops, thus eliminating damage to crops and roots.

“Bridgestone and Firestone have different brand strengths and attributes. Together in our multi-brand approach they can provide farmers in all segments the optimal solution,” said Andrew Dowdall, Bridgestone and Firestone Agricultural Tyre Specialist.

The opportunity for both Bridgestone and Firestone is the rapidly changing face of farming in Europe. Farms today are becoming fewer in number but larger in size, often sharing their resources and equipment to maximize efficiency. Their equipment is also becoming larger, more powerful and more specialized.

Dowdall added: “This evolution in farming in Europe represents a serious challenge to manufacturers of agricultural tyres, as they struggle to keep up with the pace of change. As the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, we are responding to the challenge with a target-oriented multi-brand product portfolio that will meet the needs of all players in the agricultural sector.”