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Bridgestone advises motorists to switch to summer tyres

Bridgestone is advising motorists to switch now to summer tyres. As soon as the clocks change and the weather gets warmer, it is in the best interest of the driver and his tyres to switch back to summer tyres, the company says.

Extensive internal tests run by Bridgestone demonstrate a whole string of advantages such as: better handling, reduced braking distance, improved environmental performance, etc.. So once the sun is here to stay and temperature goes up, it is  time to make the switch to summer tyres.

Whereas winter tyres are vastly better suited to winter conditions, summer tyres are specifically designed to perform in warmer weather. Switching to summer tyres in time not only guarantees superior performance  but also reduces fuel consumption while being more resistant to irregular wear and therefore decreasing pattern noise.

Jake Rønsholt, General Manager Corporate and Brand Communications, Bridgestone Europe: “To prove that switching to summer tyres really does make sense, we carried out a series of comprehensive internal tests using the Turanza T001 summer tyre and the Blizzak LM-32 lamellen winter tyre – both premium tyres in their own right, delivering superlative performance in the right conditions. As we expected, however, the tests showed that at temperatures above 15°C, the Turanza T001 summer tyre overall outperforms its winter counterpart in terms of overall performances (braking, handling,..), environment, comfort and cost.”

The premium Bridgestone summer tyre employed in the tests performed better than its winter counterpart in several areas. The Turanza T001 delivered generally speaking superior braking, handling and overall performance in both wet and dry conditions. Bridgestone engineers also recorded reduced rolling resistance with the Turanza T001 and subsequent fuel savings of up to 3%* for improved environmental performance – depending on driving style, road conditions, etc… Summer tyres in general are also less prone to irregular wear in warmer temperatures, improving tyre life and ensuring greater value for money. Finally, the Turanza T001 delivered quieter, smoother performance for superior comfort in warmer temperatures.

As a general rule, Bridgestone advises motorists to switch to summer when the clocks change. The same applies to winter tyres as temperatures begin to drop again.
Why Switch?
Switching to summer tyres makes sense in every way:
• Overall improved performance in both wet and dry conditions
• Better braking and handling
• Reduced rolling resistance
• Better fuel economy
• Greater wear resistance
• Reduced environmental impact
• Quieter performance

*Internal test carried out according to test methods set out in European regulation EC 1222/2009