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Bradbury tyre changer and wheel balancer from Equipco Ireland

Equipco Ireland Ltd. recently installed this new Bradbury tyre changer and wheel balancer in a workshop in Cork.

The Bradbury WC5521i Advanced Electronic Wheel Balancer features advanced Italian software with seven different ALU modes. The machine has a hidden (split) weight feature, which means weights can be hidden behind the wheel spokes.

The Bradbury WC5301 Tyre Changer Machine (1 Phase) is suitable for wheels up to 26 inches (clamping on the outside) or 23 inches (clamping on the inside).

This tyre machine is fitted with an assist arm (also known as a third arm) to aid the user with changing low profile and run flat tyres.

For more information contact Equipco Ireland on 01 401 0012.