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BKT unveils next-generation tyres at Agritechnica

BKT used the recent Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover, Germany to unveil its next-generation tyres dedicated to agro-forestry applications.

The Forestmax is BKT’s radial tyre for tractors. It stands out for the robustness provided by its tread compound, for its cut-and-chip resistance, and for its steel-belted structure that significantly reduces the risk of punctures.

The Forestland is BKT’s most innovative conventional tyre for the agro-forestry sector and is designed for the most demanding applications. Its polyester carcass and specific tread compound make it particularly cut-and-chip resistant, while the robust sidewall ensures a long product life-cycle.

Meanwhile in other BKT news, the independent German testing institute DLG, has awarded its quality mark to BKT’s Agrimax V-Flecto VF 650/65 R 42 and VF 540/65 R 30 tyres.

Reduced soil compaction, decreased fuel consumption, self-cleaning capability, and ease of use are the factors taken into consideration in making the award.

During the testing process, the Agrimax V-Flecto tyres underwent rigorous examinations on Fendt 724 Vario (Gen6) and Fendt Vario 828 tractors. Field tests involved assessing the tyre footprint area and ground pressures at various depths, ensuring precise measurements of the impact on the terrain and soil compaction.

Simultaneously, laboratory tests delved into evaluating tyre performance concerning traction, fuel consumption, and self-cleaning properties. This combined approach allowed for a comprehensive and accurate assessment of tyre performance under various operational conditions.

Pictured from left on the BKT stand at Agritechnica are members of the Agrigear team: Damien Galligan, Stephen McNally, Shane Sheridan, Ronnie Coleman and Michael Hall.

Throughout the field and laboratory tests, the tyres demonstrated a wider ground contact area, resulting in reduced contact pressure and subsequently, lower soil compaction. With an inflation pressure of 0.6 bar, the Agrimax V-Flecto showed a 16 per cent lower ground pressure compared to other tested tyres— including premium and budget brands— and the shallowest ground footprint. This outcome led to a significant reduction in soil compaction, which is crucial for sustainable agricultural practices.

By using BKT tyres, the fuel savings are notable. When compared to the least efficient VF tyre among competitors, BKT tyres exhibited approximately a five per cent reduction in fuel consumption. Considering that plowing a hectare of land takes about two hours and a typical workday spans eight hours, up to 15 hectares can be worked on per day. This implies that the Agrimax V-Flecto enables savings of nearly 15 litres of fuel per tractor daily.

For more information on the BKT contact Agrigear on (042) 966 6444.