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BKT Tractor of the Year award goes digital

BKT has come together with the organisers of the Tractor of the Year (TotY) award to take it digital for the first time.

The Indian tyre maker is the main sponsor of the award for the next four years, and due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is helping to host TotY in a new digital version, through a program of events available on a dedicated platform:

Tractor of the Year is an international award, started in 1998, which every year brings together the leading publications in the world of agricultural mechanisation, to create a jury of 26 experts who through analysis, discussion, and field tests, presents the award to the best European tractor.

The program starts on June 10 at 12:00, the Launch Event for the TotY Award, which will be available for viewing by the public, manufacturers and the jury members.

The episodes dedicated to the jury will follow, when participants in the competition present their latest prototypes and products. Then the work of the jury continues focused on analysing the tractors which are competing for the Award. Everything will take place in digital mode, again through the platform, following a well-defined schedule.

The competing companies will present their tractors, making available videos of the field tests, as well as the test results and comments by experts.

Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe said: “The idea is that of making TotY a genuine ‘challenge’ with a strong appeal. And moreover, we also want to address the main current agricultural issues – such as connectivity, sustainability, agriculture 4.0 – which through the new TotY platform, will be available to the public, and not just reserved for operators. As for content, on our part we have a lot to offer as regards the world of tires, an essential component for the machinery system.”

There will also be three specific episodes dedicated to the main trending topics in agriculture: on June 17 the “Connectivity” episode will be launched, on June 24 the “Driving Experience” episode, and on July 1 the topic will instead be “Agriculture 4.0”.