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BKT launches new AgrimaxFactor range

BKT has launched the AgrimaxFactor, its brand-new 70 series designed for both transport and soil tillage operations.

The tyre maker says the new product comes following customer requests for a bigger tyre. It includes an improved tread design, with increased lug length and new orientation and angle to increase handling and readability.

The strong carcass is made from six polyester belts, which replace the previously used nylon. Adding to this are four polyester plies, providing increased stability at any speed according to the company.

The AgrimaxFactor is also the first tyre from BKT to include the ‘E-Ready’ logo, representing the company’s commitment towards electric vehicles – this will be extended across the whole range of suitable products.

The high torque figures available from electric vehicles have facilitated the need for new tread designs and compounds that are able to better resist wear, BKT says

The AgrimaxFactor is initially available in three sizes – 600/70 R 30, 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 173 D and 710/70 R 42 marked by the load index/speed symbol 176 D.

BKT adds that a further 12 sizes will be available in the first half of 2023.

For more information on BKT Tires contact Agrigear on 042 9666 444.