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BKT launches new Agrimax Turf RT 333

BKT has launched its new radial tyre, the Agrimax Turf RT 333, designed to fit out small tractors used for gardening.

The Agrimax Turf RT 333 has been designed with an extra-deep tread (R-3+), which enables better traction on the ground and guarantees an extended life cycle.

A key role is played also by the special design with directional blocks which, together with the depth of the tread R-3+, enables reduced soil compaction. This latter feature is also emphasised by the particular rounded shoulder with which the Agrimax Turf RT 333 is equipped in order to be extremely delicate on the ground.

This tyre also guarantees excellent self-cleaning properties, which make it the ideal solution for frequent movements on the road to transport crops or materials.

Without ever forgetting the well-being of operators, BKT says it has designed the Agrimax Turf RT 333 to guarantee a high level of driving comfort both in the field and on the road to minimise fatigue during working hours. In addition, particular attention has been paid to developing a tyre with low rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption.

In this initial launch stage, the Agrimax Turf RT 333 is available in two sizes, 280/70 R 16 and 280/70 R 18, which can fit out the front axle of small tractors.

For more information on BKT Tyres contact Agrigear on 042 9666 444.