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BKT keeps 120-tonne dumper moving

A fully-loaded 120-tonne dumper to drive in a (slippery) clay quarry. This is Alfie Jones’ job and every day he moves four-wheel giants in Nanpean, Cornwall in the UK, on one of the most important sites of the multinational Imerys, a world leader in the extraction and supply of special materials for industry.

Alfie Jones

To fit out the dumpers (CAT 775G), the choice fell on a quarry best seller from BKT, Earthmax SR 45 M, in the 24.00 R 35 size. A choice dictated by the unique characteristics of this tyre, specifically designed for rigid dumpers which have to move around muddy environments.

Alfie Jones said: “We have to move quickly in the quarry on difficult terrain, to load and transport the extracted material.

“For this reason we need a tyre which gives us a sense of safety, with excellent grip, a wide tread, capable of great performance even when fully loaded, without this impacting on the vehicle’s consumption.”

The Earthmax SR 45 M is a radial All Steel tyre which has been specifically designed for rigid dumpers which operate on muddy surfaces and is available in three types of compound – normal, heat resistant and cut resistant.

A characteristic of this top of the range tyre is the E-4 depth of the tread which allows constant resistance against the numerous obstacles on sites such as quarries, where conditions are very challenging.

BKT says the versions with the cut resistant and heat resistant compounds guarantee excellent traction and great resistance also for long-distance transport.

“With a little water the clay-rich terrain becomes very slippery, and that is when we have to rely on the vehicle and the tyres. This is the real challenge to be faced when working in this type of quarry,” Jones concludes.

For more information on BKT Tyres contact Agrigear on 042 9666 444.