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BestDrive staff supporting BUMBLEance at Hanover marathon

Five members from Continental’s BestDrive team in Co Dublin will be taking part in the Hanover marathon in Germany on 14th April in support of Irish charity, BUMBLEance.

BUMBLEance and BestDrive have a long-standing relationship; BestDrive provides vital support to the BUMBLEance fleet and has invested hugely in BUMBLEance – servicing vehicles, providing tyres and investing in advertisement for the charity.

28th March 2024. BestDrive BUMBLEance Charity Photoshoot. Picture of 5 Marathon Runners by Best Drive, taking part in the Hamburg Marathon September 2024 in aid of BUMBLEance. Photo: Aidan Oliver

Sylvain Borré, managing director of Best Drive Ireland commented: “The relationship between BestDrive Ireland and BUMBLEance is something that is extremely important to all the team in BestDrive Ireland.

“As a charity partner we try and support them as much as possible so when the opportunity arose for us to take part in the Hanover marathon it made perfect sense to use the platform to raise as much awareness and funds as we can for BUMBLEance.

“With a €1,000 target placed by the participants we at BestDrive will match this and add an additional €1,000.”

Ian Fallon, general manager of BUMBLEance added: “This initiative is BestDrives biggest challenge yet, sending five staff to the Hanover marathon to raise awareness and funds for BUMBLEance.

“BestDrive continues to enable BUMBLEance to support Irelands youngest patients daily. Ensuring that any child in need has free transport to and from their medical care in a safe, secure and fun environment.

“This relationship has helped BUMBLEance address the unmet need of thousands of families, ensuring that each year, more children have access to their much-needed healthcare.”

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